• The use of primates in brain research
    Primate research
    Research on primates allows us to draw conclusions about cognitive processes in humans
  • Animal care
    Animal care
    A look at the animal facilities at our institute
  • Experimental design
    How our experiments are designed and carried out
  • Myth and reality
    Myth and reality
    The power of pictures, and how they can be made to lie
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Myth and Reality

The use of non-human primates in basic research is sometimes controversial, but often the claims of animal research opponents have little basis in fact. On the following pages you will be able to view pictures of rhesus monkeys in brain research.  

The first image comes from a non-EU country and is currently being used as the cover image in an anti-animal research campaign. On the photograph you see a rhesus monkey with an unidentified red mass on its head that appears to be connected with strange metal pieces. We would like to point out that the red color corresponds neither to blood nor to the dental glue used in early implant methods.  

The second picture shows one of our rhesus monkeys at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics. It is sitting in a so-called primate chair that is only used while the monkey takes part in experiments. On its head you see two titanium implants. Because we use only the best surgical conditions with general anesthesia and high hygienic standards, healing around the implant is excellent.  

Please note:
You may find the first image disturbing. If you prefer only to view the picture from our institute, please click here.
In order to see and compare both pictures, please click here.